Fascinating how these companies are moving customer service to twitter.. Delta Airlines.


Air travel, from the moment a ticket is purchased to the moment one arrives at a travel destination, is rarely a pleasurable experience.  After a maddening ordeal last weekend trying to purchase airline tickets (via website and via phone) from Delta Airlines, I quickly decided that Delta would be a perfect company to look at with regard to their use of social media.  After all, airline companies handle thousands upon thousands of customers every day, and I have never in my nearly 40 years of flying on airplanes met anyone who didn’t have at least one or two airline company horror stories to share.  The industry itself seems a veritable Unhappy Customer Factory, and airline complaints such as flight delays and lost luggage combine perfectly with unhappy customers looking to vent some steam.

I used Tweetdeck to follow @Delta and @DeltaAssist, Delta Airline’s twin Twitter presences.  The former…

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