A-Z of Internet Tools and Techniques: Letter M


So here we are with Letter M of the tools and techniques which you can use to get the most out of the Internet.

M stands for….

Mobile Learning

Possible the most interesting, challenging and exciting change happening in schools right now.

Your average blanket school policy on “No Phones in School” has got to be the most disregarded rule, perhaps ever!

And who can blame them when I love and adore my own mobile device. (iPad)

The trick for schools is to stay ahead of the game (or the students) and have a “Responsible Use” policy rather than an impossible to enforce blanket ban. This debate is currently happening here in TDAc.


So what makes me a fan of Mobile Learning?

As phones become another educational tool, it is likely that ‘misuse’ or frivolous use will fall, especially in school.

and there are so many fantastic things that we (yes this…

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